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With execution as our core we have continuously develop practical tools answering the difficult question – ‘how’. Companies that are members can use these tools in their daily execution to support their journey and way into the field of being useful in business. Members have full access to all tools and also have the opportunity to order specific tools relevant for them.

The first three tools below are available for anyone. 

The purpose scanner

The quality of a company purpose is vital to activate it and gain the true benefits having a purpose.

There are certain mechanisms that are good to know and be familiar with in order to be authentic as a company, and you’ll find the core elements of what makes an effective, authentic and inspiring purpose in this tool.

Use the tool to assess a current purpose or as part of a decoding process when focusing in on a new purpose of your company.


From purpose to action

Decoding a purpose is one thing but making it real so everyone can act on it is different game. It is not cool to have a purpose and the purpose itself doesn’t do a lot, so you have to translate, specify and implement it in every corner of the company for it to count and be real.

In this tool we show you the steps and processes needed, moving from purpose intention to purpose reality. You’ll see elements you are familiar with from a structured strategy process, with purpose specific elements added.



The core principles

The playbook of how to run a great company is being updated as we speak, and it is based on some core principles that will bring legacy and traditional companies out of the Industrial age and into the current world.

In this tool you’ll be presented to fundamental principles that lays out the groundwork and baseline of running your company with purpose at the core. Study each principle carefully because they all have a deep and wide impact in how you think about the nature of a company, how you act in a outside the company and how you look at value and your end-game.

How to decode a corporate purpose?

In this tool you’ll get the step-by-step guide in how to decode the purpose of your company. You’ll be guided through the fundamental activities, from initial exploration to final articulation. It is a structured process, combining design thinking, modern business logic and broad involvement of your organisation.

What makes a relevant board of directors?

This tool will support any board of directors with the ambition to turn the company into a purpose-driven one. This kind a system change begins with a human and leadership change – and especially how each board member and the board as a team can be useful.

Linking corporate purpose
to individual purpose

A key process for any purpose-driven company is to translate and cascade the corporate purpose to every member of the organization. Regardless of your role in the company you must make your own unique translation that is meaningful, inspiring and effective.

What is the level of clarity, competence and commitment in the company?

To move into a useful direction as a company, one of the first things to do is to clarify the current baseline in the company. How clear is our purpose? How competent are we to deliver on that purpose? How committed are we to this kind of journey? This toll will provide you with the needed assessment questions to get going.


How relevant is your current leadership model?

The leadership model of any company is a potential key competitive advantage when conscious and deliberate choices are made – directly anchored in your purpose. In this tool you get the insight into how the most innovative and ambitious companies operate and make the choice in how you should operate going forward.

From CEO to Head of Purpose

Any CEO in any company in the world must consider what their real job is and how they want to be useful. Adding the perspective of purpose into the CEO role will expand the consciousness of your job and provide a range of opportunities that the traditional corporate logics doesn’t provide. The highest authority in any company can never be a person. It can only be an ambition.