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Free introduction session to the principles of being useful for all

This 2 hours free session is your access all other educational programs and sessions we provide. We do it this way to secure a solid and common foundation and to achieve the most effect and value for all.

In this 2 hours introduction session you’ll get the insight into the fundamentals in how to become useful – as an individual, a team and company. You’ll get the baseline of data, principles and methodologies to move from articulating a purpose – to actually activating it.



  • Learn about the fundamental principles of being truly purpose-driven as a company.

  • Learn about the benefits and effects of being serious about purpose.

  • Get the practical insight into what a relevant company looks like in 2021.

  • Learn how to activate purpose in a busy and highly commercial reality.

  • Find out how some of the most ambitious and innovative companies in the world operate.

  • Get to know the phases that brings a company from purpose awareness to authentic purpose acceleration


  •  Running…. write for next event – On location

As part of this introduction session, you’ll receive materials before and after the session to support the introduction to the field.


Useful Business
Dortheavej 12, first floor


Free – but 1.000 DKK for no show or cancellation after sign up.


Christoffer Ritzau


For sign up up or any questions related to this free introduction contact Christoffer Ritzau : cr@useful-business.com.