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Here you’ll find the areas of execution we support when collaborating with companies. Each individual area is further divided into sub-areas that your company can choose from to execute your purpose and strategy. 

We collaborate with leading experts in the areas of execution, that are brought in as advisors when it’s needed and relevant for your company and your unique execution roadmap.

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1. Purpose

The first step towards becoming a useful company concerns itself with clarity, commitment, and what consequences you are willing to accept to live out your purpose. We help find the company’s current baseline, provide the necessary insight and define clear ambitions as well as a long-term plan.
We help decode corporate purposes and connect them to all essential aspects of the business. The purpose is not something you invent – it already exists within the company, which is then decoded through a structured design thinking process that results in a clear, effective, and inspiring focus for everyone in and around the company. This translates into clear ‘Must Win Battles’ in the business.
It is not cool to have a purpose, but it is pretty cool to execute one – in everything you do. We help build the necessary knowledge, competence, and execution engine to assist the company in significantly raise its level of being both relevant and inspiring. We work with a very operational and hands-on approach and help with everything concerning everyday life that goes toward activating a purpose with impact.

We support companies in developing their DNA so that it revolves around being purpose-driven by updating the overall operating model, core processes, and the company’s approach to work. A straight line is drawn between the company’s identity, how it operates in everyday life and how it seeks to produce value.

2. Strategy

 Surprisingly many strategies are disconnected from the purpose of the company. We help to establish this very important connection in the company’s existing strategy and look towards any upcoming strategies to raise it to the next level.

We ensure there is a balance between the commercial goals and the goals that are closely linked to the company’s desired impact on its purpose, its people, and the outside world. We help companies to measure and realise what truly matters in line with the purpose and strategy.

A purpose and strategy without excellent execution doesn’t makes a lot of sense. We guarantee to incorporate an execution engine, speed and meaningfulness into all aspects of the business and so that action is louder than words.

3. Leadership

We help by supporting companies to practice leadership as it should be in 2021. Leadership is one of the most crucial areas when it comes to creating an effective and inspiring company. We have more than 20 years of experience globally in helping businesses achieve this through training, sparring and hands-on execution with managers in their everyday lives.

We support top executives with short and long term deliveries while mobilising their company to fire on both cylinders – today. We have a uniques 24/7 service with everything that goes toward realising the company’s ambition and also provide the necessary platform for it to happen.

We train and support boards in adjusting their focus and specific ways of working to ensure there is a relevant balance and coherence with the company’s purpose and desired end game. Additionally, we also become members of boards when there is a desire to add relevant and updated abilities into the company.

Leadership teams’ ability to realise commercial and human ambitions concurrently is crucial to the company’s performance and condition. We assist leadership teams with upgrading their work processes, collaborating and ways of creating results so that the company’s purpose and the commercial aspects go hand in hand.

4. Sales

Your product or service has become secondary in the sales process.  What has become central is the ability to communicate the emotional aspects of your business’ purpose. If you don’t understand how to inspire and awaken, you’re in serious trouble. Communication is the path to make your business stand out and using emotional elements in the sales process is actually not new. What is new is the need to master the emotional factors in the applicable market reality. 

The chronology of communication has changed.  The product or service lies absolutely last in the sales process.  First, you have to create legitimacy to be allowed to take up people’s time communicating with them and the you also need to investigate whether they believe the same things you do. Here we learn you to do just that through a structured and effective sales process. 

The best in the field have stopped selling in the classical way. They challenge their customers by hardcore communicating what the company believes. They not only increase awareness of why they exist but also invite interested parties into meaningful activities.  They have an inspiring story in their sales process before they release a new product or service. They are very clear on their purpose and act transparently in their path to realizing it. This makes them super relevant on every agenda they are involved in. Customers can also more easily identify them in the market since they are more open about what they believe in.

5. People & Culture

All employees, managers, shareholders, customers, and stakeholders in and around a company are people. This means that if you don’t really understand people, you will never really understand business fully.  

We are pioneers in bringing a company’s commercial and business ambitions together with human talent. We have a massive global experience in realising this in the company’s everyday operation. We help design, execute and realise the desired impact on each activity related to human talent in a commercial reality.  

We help companies build, develop and operate in ways that are human, while still delivering on the company’s commercial ambitions. Through a unique mix design thinking, modern business logic and hands-on execution, we help the company create an organisation where everyone brings their passion, creativity, and initiative to the table. This is the result when there is a strong sense of belonging and that a certain relevance has been created between the people in and around the company as well as the company’s purpose.  

Companies that are aware of all their imprints placed on leaders and employees are in a good place to position themselves as more relevant than other companies. We ensure that the necessary insight, competence, and execution exist in the company’s purpose to nurture a close relationship with the employee experience so that these two aspects live and develop together. Every moment you experience in a company is an opportunity to make a lasting impression. Here we help make it happen. 

Social interaction is where the action is in any company. To be really good at business, any company must be really good with people and understand how to build, operate and inspire excellent team to work together and that is exactly what we help happen here. We have extensive experience in supporting all kind of teams to access the next level in the abilities to deliver value and work together in an excellent and meaningful way.

6. Identity & Communication

Identity is controlled by customers – more than ever. A company’s overall identity is the customers’ perceptions of the company. Too many businesses today find themselves in a situation where their marketing, CSR- strategies and vision are lackluster because they are not authentic. The people who find your purpose relevant, are potential customers. They are less interested in what the company does, but rather buy into why the company does what it does. A compelling identity has simply become  decisive in running a business. Classic marketing tricks are fighting to the death for their relevance and the best don’t even use agencies anymore. 

Today you need to live your origin story and through it, your purpose, in real time. This means you go from traditional communication with paid advertising to attention which has been earned through constant communication of the business’ purpose on all levels. This is where the best companies work. Daily proof of why they exist and why they are relevant. The benefit of a clear, authentic purpose is that it’s much easier to navigate your own communication and the impact is very high.

7. Sustainability

We help establish a clear connection between the company’s reason for existence and its ambitions in the field of sustainability. There is no room for any blurriness in this process, so we ensure that the ambitions are grounded in reality and realised through the specific way in which the work is done, measured and developed.  

No one wants to hear about how a company builds local communities if the company does not pay corporate taxes or if it creates problems rather than solve them. If you dive beneath the surface of companies that outwardly profess to be sustainable, there should be an internal process outlining what needs to be done in connection with this exclamation. We ensure that this coherence is in place so that the company’s actions always match its positions.

8. Innovation

Innovation in any company should always appear in a straight line from the company’s purpose and ensure that what is developed and realised results in the needed value. There is a difference between good ideas and good business ideas and we help to realise the kind of innovation that brings real value to the company in a structured and efficient way. 

Corporate Entrepreneurship is a way of organising your company in a way that offers all its leaders and employees the opportunity to contribute to the solution of the most important problems that are rooted directly in the company’s purpose. We help to develop the organisation, processes, and methods of the company as well as tools to realise the most relevant ideas and solve the real problems. We also train the people who will be handling this as a part of their everyday lives. 

A truly purpose-driven business first and foremost solves problems for people and the world in a profitable way, rather than making a profit by creating problems. We help companies get on the right side of this line, as well as persistently and consistently help them to stay and develop from this position. 

9. Customers

The value of connecting the company’s purpose to its customers is both established and validated, which is great for business and brings far more engagement to all the parties involved. We ensure that the company shifts from talking about its customers to talking to its customers – and to make tremendous strides in this field. 

We assist the company in delivering next-level customer experiences through all its interactions, directly rooted in and executed through the company’s purpose as well as a structured and efficient process. 

Companies that are far more engaging and creative with their customers have a tremendous advantage over those that do not. We offer companies the necessary competence to achieve just that, thus making them more relevant on a whole new level.