How we

We provide a structured and valuable execution process, supporting and guiding any company from initial awareness and ambitions – to real value creation and impact. The process is a mix of design thinking, modern business methodologies and is impact centered at the core. 

The four phases are:

  • Awareness – creating a common understanding of the field of purpose and being a useful business. 
  • Articulate – decoding an authentic, effective and inspiring purpose that is everyone’s job in the company. 
  • Activate – executing the purpose in everything you do as a company. 
  • Accelerate – upgrading the core of the company so that the overall ambition is aligned with how the company is operating.  

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1. Purpose Awareness

We collaborate with the company to find the best of what already is and the unique potential going forward. We deliver an assessment of the company’s purpose clarity, competence and commitment and a initial report about the current baseline and recommendations for further actions.

We support the company to understand, build and live the core principles of being a truly useful business. We deliver training, content and platform for the company to start moving and build the needed capabilities and practices.

Through deep and close collaboration we co-create a clear and effective company Impact Case and an execution roadmap for the next phases. Here the overall purpose, succes criteria & impact and key conditions are defined and used to define all other activities and deliverables afterwards.
  • 5-6 weeks
  • 2-3 workshops
  • 4 deliverables

2. Purpose Articulation

Through a structured design-thinking process we support the decoding of the company’s purpose and deliver an effective, authentic and inspiring purpose statement and the translation of every word in this statement for everyone to understand and be able to contribute.

Through a structured co-creation process the company ”How” and ”What” is articulated, as well as core assumptions directly linked to the purpose. An initial purpose academy playbook is also delivered, setting the direction of the capabilities needed to execute the purpose.

Key Purpose Indicators are developed and implemented as well as purpose proof-points and Must Win Battles across the business. A unique purpose playbook is being delivered setting the clear direction of how the company wants to operate going forward.

  • 5-6 Weeks
  • 3-4 Workshops
  • 9 Deliverables

3. Purpose Activation

Key purpose capabilities are build across the company and internal train-the-trainer development is implemented
to keep and further scale the company’s own unique purpose execution engine.

We provide a unique 24/7 service & execution engine and support the building of internal company abilities and fundamentals to master the important purpose execution.

 We have a deep collaboration and focus on executive management and board activation so the ambitions are rooted and anchored in the formal executives roles of the company. If needed, we also step into both interim and more permanent management and board roles.

  • 6 months – 1 year
  • Uniquely tailored

4. Purpose Acceleration

We support the creation of truly pioneering companies with the ambitions to challenges the dogmas of traditional management and the creation of a forward-thinking and progressive organisation. We bring in the modern and next level ways of designing, operating and scaling an innovative company and implement this new agenda in close collaboration with the company and stakeholders.

Based on a new and progressive company agenda we help build the in-house capabilities, processes and practices to be the desired company – and not just dream about it.

  • 2-4 years

  • Uniquely tailored