Change the

We are a small growing group of very experienced people with a clear ambition to build a movement with the purpose of transforming business to be useful. We feel we have to change the game, act and focus our attention to work with people and companies who share this objective.

For many years we have worked with over 500 companies and every part of their organisations – from small innovative start-ups to large and global companies, increasingly being more and more aware of the new rules in business if you want to be and stay relevant.

On one hand it is clear that the world is on fire from different angles like climate change, diversity, lack of water, lack of compassion and thousands other challenges. On the other hand, we know the world have the knowledge, technology, and resources to change the game and establish a better balance everywhere. A lot of people and companies are already running and making intelligent transitions towards better solutions and more initiative are needed.

There is a lot we don’t know anything about, but helping people and companies to realize these transitions is definitely our game and we know how.

Business as an agent

We don’t believe politicians have the capacity, knowledge, or balls to establish a useful transition of the world – the solution lies within companies. We have dedicated all our time to help companies build this inspiring and relevant journey, so they learn how to ‘walk on two legs’, running a solid commercial business combined with a clear ambition at the same time doing something good for the world. Business is an agent towards a better-balanced world.

Working towards being a relevant and meaningful company is very hard and calls for a clear authentic alignment and focused decision-making starting from the board of directors and top management. Without this formal foundation you will have a very slim change of making the move.

The good news is that it is definitely worth the efforts and it is clearly documented that purpose-driven companies are the absolutely most commercial way to operate in the world, while being a place where people are mostly fulfilled on a personal and team level.

A clear ambition

Our clear ambition is to be a part of these meaningful transitions and help people and companies towards being relevant and useful. This journey will never be about us and the company behind this platform, but instead focused on the purpose of making business useful. Nobody can do that on their own and it will only happen in a committed community of entrepreneurs, talented individuals, excellent teams and progressive companies. We are therefore always looking out for people and companies sharing the ideas behind the purpose of being useful and are very open to be inspired and challenged in how to take the platform to the next level.


We are organized in the following way:

  • A small and focused core team securing the foundation of purpose, progress of the platform and further developing the fundamentals of every activity that is part of the platform.

  • Associated partners with deep and specialized skills and experience in one or more of the areas needed to deliver on the overall purpose. These specialists are part of the support team for the companies that are part of the platform, related to the educational activities and purpose execution projects. We are always interested in talking to people that shares the overall purpose, so you are more than welcome to reach out and we are ready to talk.

  • Local chapters building their own local version of Useful Business, supported by the core team with structure, training, tools, processes and methodologies. See more here below.  


Useful Business is born as a specialized area to – Danish Network Association.

Christoffer Ritzau