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Follow the flag

When you choose to use the company’s purpose as a commercial and inspiring engine for the company, it results in several consequences on all levels. Typically, the first to experience this shift is the formal managers. Everyone is …

If you do not understand people,
you do not understand business

All companies’ customers, partners, owners, shareholders and employees are human beings. Regardless of how good your business model is, how great the products and services you deliver are, how efficient your communication or …

Purpose before strategy

Generally, there is not much difference in how strategies are developed and subsequently executed across different companies, which may be an indication that we have reached the ultimate stage of how a company …

Talent is something you do

Start by looking for talent in and around the company by considering the reality the company takes part in. Start by considering the environment and the company’s fundamental purpose. What are we fundamentally trying to achieve here?

The company purpose
clears the table

When your company makes important decisions, how consistently does the process unfold, and what fundamental criteria are involved? Most company will face challenges during the strategic decision-making process since …

To be in the game, you need
to walk on two legs

One of the main challenges for a lot of companies is that they only use one leg to walk. This leg concerns itself with increased sales, market shares, cost reduction, the streamlining of work processes, reorganisation, the cost of …

What is your job?

One of the most inspiring people we have met while working with company purposes and business is Fred Kofman, working as a VP at Google. A few years ago, we had a session with him that left a huge imprint, and he has, without a doubt, some of the most …

When is a purpose
effective and inspiring?

The decoding phase in any structured purpose-driven work ends with the company having one or more suggestions for what the company purpose could be. These suggestions will and must have several opinions …

Who is the highest
authority in a company?

When a company takes its purpose to the next level, it can have lasting effects on every aspect of the organization throughout every corner of the business. Throughout every conversation, investment decision, recruitment …