If you want to do yourself a favor and enter this field to understand what we believe, through experience and data – our books are a great place to start. The purpose driven perspective is the only way to the highest and most relevant commercial organization, and it is the only way to be your best within sales, leadership, communication, culture, people etc.

When a company sets out to create meaningful change in the world in a balanced way, it ignites passion and creates the potential for generating wealth and realizing desired values. In these relatively affluent times, the search for meaning has intensified across all industries. This generates a healthy demand for quality and careful consideration of whatever you undertake.

A clear purpose speaks to the very existence and overarching drive of an organization. A clear understanding of purpose helps to steer people through change, lift motivation and determine an ultimate focus for the whole organization. Purpose makes day-to-day execution effortless when everyone, regardless of position, grasp what direction matters. The time has come for leading organizations authentically and tuning out the noise.

If you’re a little suspicious, old school or reluctant, we would like to refer you to the data on this site or in our books where you’ll find a selection of documentation making the solid case for purpose. Even a small excerpt of the overwhelming documentation is convincing. The value of being purpose-based everywhere in your organization is simple logic as the late Clay Christensen, one of the world’s sharpest minds, concludes….


People who care about the game are naturally better at the game.

Purpose – simply good business

Being a purpose-driven company is about putting your money where your mouth is and committing to something so important and inspiring that it is impossible to ignore. Is that the current reality in your company?