Purpose is

All experience and data show that the most commercial design a company can achieve is superb by being authentically purpose driven. There are clearly a new system in business where you have to be able to walk on two legs to be relevant. One leg is to be financially successful and the other leg is to be useful for the world at the same time.

We help companies with ‘how’ to realize his perspective and we have created this platform with the clear ambition to help, build, engage, fight, discuss and constructively challenge companies to be useful. We have delevoped insights, video, tools, playbooks, read all the data, network, have extended execution experience and we feel it’s time to share it with more serious companies.

Decoding a company purpose is not difficult. You just need to go into the basement of the company, go through a structured process, make hardcore choices and put in a bit of sweat. The difficult part comes afterwards, which is also the very rewarding part – and that is all about ‘how’ and autehentic execution.

Having just a purpose as a company doesn’t do anything. Executing on the purpose, in everything you do, can change everything for the better.  This shift from talking about purpose to doing it is where the magic is. 90 % of purpose driven activities is lacking ‘this is how we do it’ and then you are left with taglines, stickers, communication, agency smoke and mirrors, and branding exercises – and that is not what purpose is about. It is not icing on the cake – it is the cake.

Putting a purpose into the ground as a company comes with a range a consequences and ultimately you let the purpose be the highest authority in the company.

Without this very clear and hardcore commitment to do your absolute best to act on your purpose – then don’t do it all, because it will put you in a very transparent position where everyone can see your actions and footprints and you will create a new and higher standard for the entire company. If you don’t execute on this from day one – it will backfire big time, so purpose with our immediate action is theater. 

Serious people and serious companies

So, to be purpose-driven you have to be a very serious company with very serious people, that is all about creating a fantastic business, with super engaged people committed to be something for the world – and not just to live in the world. 

We truly believe that companies are the absolute best catalyst we have to create a world in better balance. Where? Everywhere. To execute on that ambition, we feel strongly committed to help change the game dramatically and go beyond the traditional business metrics leaning heavily and one-sided towards profit.

A healthy economy and profit are of course very important for any company, but it must never be the core ambition itself because it is uninspiring, lacks meaning and it is not a company created for real people in the real world.

Being highly ambitious and truly purpose-driven is hard work but very realistic for most -and it’s the only way in the future business.

The ambition of this platform is to support the people and companies that are committed to this kind of business, always trying to bridge the human aspects, with the commercial engine and impact in the world.

That sweet spot is what we call being useful.