How we

The core of this platform is execution and we collaborate with ambitious companies to do just that, directly linked to their purpose and strategy. Our only focus is to realize the company defined ambitions and all our conversations, meetings, workshops and behavior are making sure to do just that. Our experience clearly shows us that the best way to do this should be based on a membership model. Membership is the best execution guarantee to secure focus and the needed attention in a busy business environment.

When you at some point end your membership, hopefully it is because your company is even more relevant and working through a purpose-driven perspective which is worth celebrating. 

Until that day, anything that doesn’t add value to the purpose ambitions of the company are not relevant in our collaboration and is out of the scope of the membership model, which is based on the following elements:

  • We always begin with a 3 hours deep dive session with the board of directors and executive leadership team, defining the purpose and objectives of our collaboration and laying out the roadmap of execution. We deliver customized materials as a foundation for this session.
  • After the session we deliver a strategy roadmap with recommendations.
  • Focus and execution sessions every fifth week, always targeted at operational matters that can bring the initial defined ambitions to the next level.
  • 24/7 service and access to knowledge and execution.
  • A personal ‘Execution Team’ for the CEO, supporting any relevant and important task to ensure momentum and the CEO always is ahead.
  • Running advice and guidance of internal material.
  • Fee: 12.000 DKK./monthly excl. VAT (we don’t work with companies less than 3 months).