Meaning of


We are first and foremost makers and everything on this platform is focused on execution and moving from intentions and words – to real action in the real world. Purpose is not something you talk about, but something you do when you are serious about it. To do just that most people and companies need to expand their current awareness and understanding of the field, how to operate in this field and how to do business in this progressive and modern approach. A purpose-driven approach is first and foremost for makers.


We believe that business can be the most effective and inspiring force for change and impact in the world. When any business is using a strong commercial engine for real impact it has the potential to be highly profitable and truly relevant and inspiring at the same time – and that is the ambition here. The old ways of doing business overly focused on the numbers and bottom-line it rightfully being challenged and now every company needs to take a stand what kind of an organisation they want to be. Not just by what you say, but especially by what you do – in everything you do.  


Useful is the next level of being successful. It is a conscious and deliberate way of doing business with the ambition of being something for the world – and not just in the world. Being useful is an ability and a more holistic business operating model making sure to include individuals, teams & relations, the company and entire eco-system in all aspects of its practice. A useful company is impact-driven first, rooted in the fact that it is never about the company in the end. 

Decoding purpose

Purpose can never be invented or made in an ideation workshop. Instead it is part of a structured decoding process, listening and empathizing with the DNA of the company looking backwards and synthesizing the desired future impact. It is finding the sweet spot between the superpowers of a company and the problem in the world it is here to solve. Many people in- and outside of the company are part of this decoding process to find the essence and true meaning of the company and to make sure to capture what matters the most. 

Articulating purpose

Articulating a purpose is putting a flag in the ground as a company and taking a clear stand. ‘This is who we are, what we are here to do and how we want to do it’. The second you do his in an authentic way everything will change and you are ready to do the real work, which is acting on the purpose. We call this transition from articulating to activating: ‘First the ectasy, then the laundry’. It is fairly easy to talk about a purpose. To act on it is quite a different game. 

Activating purpose

Activating a corporate purpose will impact all departments, teams and individuals and challenge any attempt to sub-optimize, play the political game or not to see the whole company and desired impact as more important than the functional silo or individual ego. The starting point of this phase, is to support and inspire everyone to think about their job in a new way than they are used to, and start acting based on this understanding in everything they do. This will give everyone the opportunity to look at the world and the company through the same lens and not have a wide range of different views about what the core ambition of the company is. 

Acccelerating purpose

Accelerating the purpose in a company is like a detox. All the elements that are not healthy for the company and people working there is being removed and a healthier next practice is being established. The company is supported to make a serious upgrade of the fundamental business practices to become more progressive and fit for humans, to be better suited for the future.